Android 3.2 coming this summer, brings support for 7-inch screens and Qualcomm processors

Yesterday, Huaweii announced that they were launching the first 7-inch Android 3.2 tablet. You heard that right, Android 3.2. Just a month after the 3.1 update was unveilled and made available during Google I/O, a successor has already been announced.

This update to Honeycomb is said to bring support for 7-inch screens. There is a reason that there aren’t any 7-inch Honeycomb tablets at the moment, and that reason is compatibility issues between the 7-inch screens and the current version of Honeycomb. That problem will be fixed with the 3.2 update, which is due in the next few weeks; according to ThisIsMyNext.

In addition to support for 7-inch screens, Android 3.2 will also offer support for Qualcomm processors, along with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor, which currently dominates the Android tablet market. With support for Qualcomm, this means that those of you who purchased the newest 7-inch tablet running Android 2.3, the HTC Flyer, will soon get Honeycomb.

Along with the new processor support and 7-inch screen support, Android 3.2 will also offer bug fixes and improved hardware acceleration, which is always greatly appreciated. Updates for the Movie Studio, Music, Movies apps, and widgets will also be available in Android 3.2.

This Is My Next is also reporting that according to three independent sources, Android 3.2 will be the last Honeycomb point upgrade before Google introduces Ice Cream Sandwhich, the next version of Android that will run on both phones and tablets.

The update to Android 3.2 will first be made available current tablets, like the Motorola Xoom in the ‘next few weeks’; new 7-inch tablets will follow in August.

via ThisIsMyNext