Android 2.3.4 Will Bring Video Chat To The Google Nexus S

Although the Android Market offered multiple third-party video chat apps such as Skype or Qik, Android users have had their shares of trouble using them without having issues. Every Google fan out there, including myself, have been wondering if there will ever be a first party video chat app that will be integrated with Gtalk on your phone.

Google unveiled today that there will be an OTA update for the Google Nexus S which bring its Android version to 2.3.4 to fix a couple of minor issues. Wait, that’s not all, Google also announced that this update will bring the feature of video-chatting in the upcoming weeks. These news have confirmed@MaFiA303’s tweets where he claimed that he actually had a video call with his Nexus S. Let’s hope that other Android handsets will be included in this update down the road so we can enjoy some “Facetime”.

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via Google Mobile