Amazon to introduce 5 or 6 new Kindle tablets, according to Staples President

Amazon is hoping to go big with its next set of tablets. According to Staples president Demos Parneros, Amazon is planning on launching 5 or 6 different tablets in the future. According to Demos, the tablets will be different sizes, with one being a 10-inch model. When asked to comment by Reuters, the camp over at Amazon declined to comment.

The information provided by Demos is based on the SKUs, or stock-keeping units, that Amazon is planning on introducing to retailers. While many expect Amazon to launch a bigger version of its Kindle Fire, were not sure if the e-retailer is also planning on launching other sizes besides the 7 and 10-inch models.

The multiple SKUs could be for different storage models of the upcoming Kindle Fire. Amazon could be launching 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB models of both the 7-inch and 10-inch Kindle Fire successors, or other variations of screen size and storage space.

With the Nexus 7 available for consumers (and also getting grand reviews), Amazon will need to offer something great and (and pretty soon) in order to steal some of that thunder from Google and the Nexus 7. We shall see what they have to offer.

Source: Reuters | via The Verge