Amazon Kindle Fire’s Silk browser now works on some rooted Android devices

If you give it time, eventually some crafty developers will get it working on another device. That is exactly what happened with Amazon’s Silk browser, which is currently available on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. The Amazon Silk browser is supposed to speed up web browsing by utilizing Amazon’s powerful AWS servers.

The hacked app works on a number of Android devices that have been rooted. To see the status of your device, check this Google Docs Spreadsheet for more information. Installing the Silk browser on your Android device requires you to copy some files and install some files. For complete instructions, check out the source link below.

I’ve had the Amazon Kindle Fire for a few weeks now, and to tell you the truth, I don’t find the browser that special. Out of all the Android browsers currently available, I’ve always enjoyed using the stock browser; it just works!

For information on how to install Amazon’s Silk browser on your rooted Android device, visit XDA Developers.

Source: XDA Developers, via Engadget