Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to be available in July or August

The Kindle Fire hasn’t been out for a year yet, but that won’t stop Amazon from releasing the second-generation of the popular Android-based tablet. A report from the China Times states that Amazon is going to be releasing its Kindle Fire successor in either July or August. According to the report, the Kindle Fire 2 will be built by Quanta, manufacturers of the first Kindle Fire, and will feature displays by LG and Panasonic. Unfortunately, there’s no information on what type of hardware the Kindle Fire 2 will have, or what size it will be available in.

With Google’s 7-inch quad-core Nexus 7 tablet about to hit the market, Amazon is going to need to announce its Kindle Fire 2 soon in order to steal some of the thunder created by the Nexus 7. At this point, I think that the only thing that will lure more users towards Amazon’s Kindle Fire will be a reduction in price. Without reducing its price to something lower than $199, Amazon is going to have a hard time convincing users to pick up its tablet over the Nexus 7.

Source: China Times | via Engadget