Amazon inviting developers to submit apps for international distribution

Amazon is getting ready to bring its Appstore to Europe. Today, the company announced that developers could start submitting their apps for distribution in certain parts of Europe this summer. Android apps from the Amazon Appstore will first be available in United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France; further expansion in other international markets is planned for the future. If you’re a developer, you can head to the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal to get started.

Once signed up, developers will learn about localizing apps for different resources and get tips on how to prepare your app for international distribution. Developers will also be able to select the countries where they would like to sell their apps as well as set pricing. If you’re already signed up, your apps will automatically be made available for international sale.

In addition to allowing developers to submit apps for international development, Amazon also made two changes to their distribution agreement. Starting on July 1, 2012, developers will now earn 70% of list price on all paid app sales. Previously, developers earned either 70% of the app’s sales price or 20% of list price, which ever was greater.

The second change to the distribution agreement gives developers flexibility around timing of apps submission. Developers will now be able to better control when apps are made available to customers.

To get started, head over to the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal today!

Source: Amazon