Amazon Game Studios releases Tales From Deep Space game


Amazon game Studios announced today the release of a game called Tales From Deep Space. Yes, Amazon has a game developing team too. They make their own movies, shows, apps and some other things just to make sure they remain present in your living rooms and devices.

Tales From Deep Space is a platform game that looks really cool an fun. You play as E (salesman) and CASI (luggage) who are stuck on ‘Big Moon’ which is a space station with a bunch of weird things like chickens in spacesuits, ‘outlandish denizens’ and other funny looking characters.

To unravel the nefarious plot, E and CASI must work together to utilize each character’s unique traits that, when combined, help solve all of Big Moon’s puzzles and objectives.

There is one kicker though. This game is available exclusively on Fire tablets. The multiplayer mode can only be accessed if you have a Kindle Fire HDX tablet (2014). To get you started, Amazon offers free access to a digital comic over at ComiXology. When we asked Amazon about when other Android devices will be able to play this game, they replied: “we are focused on this Fire tablet release right now.”

tales-from-deep-space-2 tales-from-deep-space-1 tales-from-deep-space-3

Download: Tales From Deep Space ($6.99)