A closer look at the GT-i9300, which appears to be the Galaxy S III in a dummy housing

Talk about the mother of all leaks regarding the Galaxy S III.

The Vietnamese website Tinhte has gone ahead and done what many people have been waiting for regarding the Samsung GT-i9300, the mystery device that we first heard about a few weeks ago and then couple days ago in Brazil: they have released some high-quality pictures and a video of the device.

We have all speculated that the Samsung GT-i9300 was the Galaxy S III, based on the model number. The guys over at The Verge got some information from an insider source stating that the GT-i9300 was indeed going to be the next Galaxy S device, but that it was being housed in a dummy case so that it could be tested incognito.

We don’t know where the guys from Tinhte obtained the device, but we’re happy that they were able to go ahead and make a great video with some detailed pictures.

According to the info leaked, the GT-I9300 features a 4.6-inch display with 1184 x 720 resolution, which is standard because of the digital buttons used for Android 4.0. The device features a 1.4GHz quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage additional space available via microSD. In the back, there’s a 8-megapixel camera, NFC, and a 2050mAh battery. Software-wise, the phone is running Android 4.0 with onscreen buttons with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI on top.

Based on the enhanced picture above provided by The Verge, you can see the shell of the phone which houses the actual device. Since the outer case isn’t connected to the dummy case, the interior shape could be the final design of the actual phone.

GT-i9300 video with English subtitles

Mobile viewing link

So, are these specs final? Nobody knows. We could see the processor bumped up to 1.5GHz and the camera bumped up to 12-megapixels from 8.

One thing I’m sure of is that there’s no doubt that this is the Galaxy S III in a dummy case. The images and videos have been taken off Tinhte’s website, looks like Samsung was too happy about them going into so many details about the phone. In addition, when contacted by Engadget about the new leak, Samsung simply responded with the following:

“We will be able to tell you more at the 2012 Samsung Mobile Unpacked.”

So, sit back and relax, and let’s all just wait for May 3, when Samsung will announce the Galaxy S III at Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 in London.

Video from The Verge

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