OnePlus One Marketing ‘gimmick’ is starting to become annoying


According to OnePlus CEO, Peter Lau, his company had over 1.3 million including 190,000 from pre-registrations in china for the OnePlus One handset. Pre-registering allows potential buyers to buy the phone immediately. While this sounds cool and dandy, not everyone got to purchase the OPO. Instead, folks were engaged in a clicking game called “click the buy button as fast as possible” to purchase a small batch of handsets. Those who were not able to purchase in the first round will get another shot next week in another round of ‘click the buy button’ game.

According to a poll in the OnePlus One Chinese forums, out of 3,633 people only 12.85% was able to buy the 16GB model and another 12.58% was able to purchase the 64GB. The phone was gone very quickly, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many potential buyers.

for us here in the States, OnePlus introduced an invite system for those of us who want the very affordable OnePlus One handset. So far, only 100 handsets were awarded to the Smash contest winners and invites were sent to some lucky 150 fans out of 2,309,066 contestants (wowzers) to get the phone on June 6.As a reminder, The OPO is an Android device that has the specs of a flagship Android device such as the Galaxy S5 or the HTC M8 for half of the price. The Chinese version of the phone runs on the Color OS while the international model runs on Android-based CM11S (CyanogenMod 11).

I get it. OnePlus being the startup company they are, has probably not anticipated the success that their “flagship killer” phone is having. Now, if only they can keep up with the demand because whatever genius marketing plan they have, is becoming annoying at this point to the thousands of potential buyers from around the globe, who will start to look elsewhere.

Why not just let everyone pre-order?

via OnePlus BBS, Yixun,