How to use QR codes on your Android Device

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Every now and then, you will see a QR code on our site. The QR code is designed to easily take you to a destination via your Android device. At DroidMatters, we use QR codes to link to online content. Instead of you having to type out a URL on your phone, you can simply point your camera at the QR code and it will automatically take you to the QR code’s destination (usually an Android Market or Amazon AppStore link).

There are many applications in the Android Market that read QR codes, but the one that we recommend is Google Goggles. Not only does Google Goggles read QR codes and bar codes, it also is able to recognize places, solve Sudoku puzzles, scan business cards, and much more.

Now, when you see a QR code on our site, simply point your phone at it and let it take you to its destination. It will save you from typing out that lengthy address in your mobile browser.