fring launches group video calls for Android; video chat with up to 4 friends

fring, the popular video chat provider has updated their software to allow group video calls. Starting today, Group Video on fring will allow you to video chat with up to 4 friends on.

This is the first service to allow video calling with for more than 2 participants. fring is able to deliver great video quality for all parties involved thanks to their proprietary DVQ technology. Check out the video and images below.

The app is now available in the Android Market for all to download and it doesn’t matter if your fringing friends have Androids or iPhones, you’ll be able to video chat with each other.

Another great feature of fring is their fringOut service that allows you to call any landline phone, anywhere in the world, for as low as 1ยข per minute. If you use services such as Skype, Pingo, or Google Voice to make international calls, you should take a look at fringOut. Their rates could be lower.

Head on over to the Android Market and download fring free.

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