Download FlexT9 free from the Amazon Appstore

If you are tired of the stock keyboard on your Android phone and want to try something different with almost the same features but a little different touch, you should try FlexT9. Go to the Amazon Appstore and download it!

FlexT9 is today’s free premium app from the Amazon Appstore and it has some pretty good user reviews (4 out of 5 stars). It usually sells for $4.99, so why not at least give it a try. I just installed it on my Atrix 4G and my first impression was that Flext9 is little bit more fluid than the built-in keyboard.

Here are some of the key features for FlexT9:

  • Speak: leverages the power of Dragon Dictation to easily turn talk into text
  • Trace: continuous touch input; just glide your finger from one letter to the next. This is an alternative to the Swype feature.
  • Write: use your finger to quickly draw letters and words
  • Tap: traditional form of manual keyboard input

I am really liking the FlexT9 keyboard and I suggest that you give it a try especially if you don’t want to end up paying $5 for it after today. Use the QR code or the direct link to the Amazon Appstore below to download this free app.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

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